Saturday, November 17, 2012

iPhones, Hooters, and Casino!

Started the day out with Don not feeling well.  We slept until after 12:00 which is unheard of for Don. I got him
coffee and something to eat. 

Then I told him my new IPhone 5 came in and he made the comment, "I don't have an I Phone. " 

So I told him I ordered him one for Christmas also and it was in too. Now he felt a little better and ready to go to the mall. 

We went and picked up our new phones, then went to Best Buy

 to get Otterboxes. Can't believe he got a blue one. Figured him for black.  Hi Kisha!! :)
We got 2 pink ones and i blue one. The second one is for my I Phone 4S. I am giving that one to Laci.
I had a new front cover put on for her also. Good as new!!

Then we were hungry so we headed to 

  When we were just about finished, Don says he wants to go to

so we are off to the casino in Lake Charles 

so I can play my favorite slot machine.

xoxo Lenetta

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