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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Huge DIY Project!!

Don and I are getting ready to really make a big mess. We are going to facelift the kitchen-living room area. We are going to paint walls, ceiling, baseboard, cabinets, add curtains and a few other small things. 

And the best part -
We are going to do it all ourselves. 

I have wanted to change the kitchen cabinets

and the color of the walls for quite sometime now. We have decided to get it going.  Don is going to remove all the stuff off the ceiling for me before I paint. Thank you baby!

I am going to do all of the painting and Don will do all of the caulking and prepping the back door and the pantry door. 

I have a plug at one end of the island but I really want one at the other end also.

 Don is going to put that in for me.

I couldn't decide on the colors but I now have them. The walls are going to be a light green

 with a little darker accent wall.

The ceiling will be the same white as the cabinets. Right now its more yellow.

The cabinets are going to be a slightly off white color. Right now they are pickled and I am so over these.

Will also be painting the cabinets in the living room at the same time.

 I am not going to pickle or stain these cabinets. I am going to paint them. 

May paint the island a different color than the cabinets. Not sure yet. Let me know if you think I should or not. 

I also am thinking about painting that large brown and gold clock on the wall. 

I am going to add hardware to the cabinets. Not sure what just yet.

I think I am going to have the stools upholstered.

Also going to add some curtains. This is the material and colors of them.

I found these first and took my two colors from this.

Should look like a different room by the time it is finished.

If you have any ideas or thoughts, please let me know.