Sunday, November 11, 2012


Going to have this cup of 

While I watch Don put this 2nd 

together. He only got one put together last night.

Then he is going to 

He has to take an exam before the end of the year.
 It's a 31/2 hour test. 
So he has lots of studying to do between now and then.

I am going to work around the house, 
check off the Christmas list and see 
what else we need to finish it up.

Start making the  

 and see what all
 I am going to need for that. We should have a house full 
this year. Don's family will be here. That will be fun.

  His parents are coming and they really are a lot of fun.
  Clint's a real hoot!!!

Then tonight Don and I are going to 

That's always fun. 

I also have two wine reviews to do and 
also need to make a 
Quickie Cobbler and do a review on that. 

Much to do!!

I hope your day is beautiful.



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