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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

PMS! Bugs Be Gone!!!!

 Praying Mantis hatched on Sunday!

We try really hard not to use any more chemicals than we have to so I decided to try this to cut down on the mosquitos and flies. 

I brought these over

Monday, May 26, 2014

Day 4 Memorial Day!

First thing we did was get the bamboo by the side fence planted. We were just so tired last night.

Then I made breakfast while Don got in the pool.

He actually ate his breakfast in

Day 3 Memorial Weekend!

We went out early and cut the bamboo up. Don used his saw on it. That was a 
much bigger job than we thought it would be, 

Day 2 of Memorial Weekend!

We had company coming over, so I got the upstairs all cleaned up. That was actually on 

Day 1 of 4 Memorial Weekend!

Don had a 4 day weekend so we decided to just stay home and get some stuff done that we had been wanting to do.

Friday was a great day to shop.

We went to find 2 more graceful bamboo for the middle that I had left open thinking I was