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Sunday, March 24, 2013

What a Nightmare! What a Monster!!!

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Charged with murder for killing babies 30 seconds too late: the absurdity of the Gosnell trial

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Horrific Nightclub Fire In Brazil!

My heart and prayers go out to all the family, friends and loved ones that lost someone in the fire in Brazil. I just can't imagine the horror you are facing today. I am so so sorry for the loss of your loved ones.

I personally feel that fireworks should be banned world wide from nightclubs. To many young people die in these clubs by fireworks. 

A welding accident reportedly set off a Dec. 25, 2000, fire at a club in Luoyang, China, killing 309.
At least 194 people died at an overcrowded working-class nightclub in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2004. Seven members the band were sentenced to prison for setting off the blaze.
A blaze at the Lame Horse nightclub in Perm, Russia, broke out on Dec. 5, 2009, when an indoor fireworks display ignited a plastic ceiling decorated with branches, killing 152
A nightclub fire in the U.S. state of Rhode Island in 2003 killed 100 people after pyrotechnics used as a stage prop by the 1980s rock band Great White set ablaze cheap soundproofing foam on the walls and ceiling.

These deaths are senseless and uncalled for over fireworks.  So so Sad.