Friday, May 17, 2013

Cauliflower Overnight Salad Review!

Cauliflower Overnight Salad
This is one of my favorite salad but I couldn't find my recipe, so I went and found this one. I went ahead and made this like it says, which is exactly the ingredients in my recipe, except

I didn't remember using this much mayonaise. I did think, while it tasted great, it didn't need that much mayo. I would cut the mayo down to maybe a cup instead of 2. This is always a favorite and never lasts long, just cut that 
mayo down. 

My cauliflower is ready


I love that I grew this-time for some 
cauliflower recipes


Fry bacon until crispy

Tear lettuce in small pieces in bowl

Next layer cauliflower

Then onion

Break bacon and top the onion

Add mayonaise


Parmesan cheese

Then, cover and refrigerate overnight

Mix well, serve, and 



 1 head lettuce broken in bite size
1 head cauliflower sliced or diced
1 med sweet onion dried fine
1 lb bacon fried crisp and crumbled
2 c mayonnaise or salad dressing
¼ c sugar
1/3 c grated Parmesan Cheese

Layer lettuce, cauliflower, onion, peas, and bacon into a large container that can be sealed tight. Do not mix. Add salad dressing, sugar, and cheese in layer on top. Do not mix. Seal containers tight and refrigerate overnight. Mixture must stand overnight for seasoning to blend. Toss before using.

I served the Cauliflower Overnight Salad with
Brisket, green onions from my garden, and 


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