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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lazy day!

Slow, easy, lazy day today. 

Going to meet Don at the gym later. We have been going almost everyday. We are working out on the weights, which I love.

 Then we are swimming 40 to 60 laps every time we go. 

Dinner tonight is going to be easy. 

My favorite pork tenderloin recipe
pork tenderloin

and making Kisha's green beans, (my favorite)

Kisha's green beans

I have the bacon fried, onions cut and garlic chopped. I have the tenderloin coated and ready to go in the oven. As soon as we get home from the gym, everything will be ready in 30 minutes. A great dinner thats easy to make when in a hurry if all preparations are already taken care of. 

Adding some onions, tomatoes, and cucumbers in an italian dressing to finish off dinner. 

Hope everyone is having a great day.