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Friday, May 2, 2014

Cheap Security!

This is a great way to add added security to your home. We have ADT but wanted something for when we didn't want the alarm system all the way on. 


For under $80.00 I have every door area in the house covered. The nice thing about the two larger ones, (see video at bottom),  is you can move these around. We have a "Man Cave" upstairs in the back and you can't hear anything in the house. I put one on the steps, and another in the hallway upstairs. I now can sit up their with my 9 mm  and be very comfortable that I would know if anyone were to try to come up. The best thing about these two larger ones, is you can't get close enough to them to turn them off before they sound. I love these. 

**I did try the ones at Lowe's first by GE, but they were not reliable enough for me. They were not very loud and didn't go off EVERY TIME I stepped in front of them . These go off EVERY TIME.  I got these from Home Depot. They are called Doberman Security. 

** The larger ones take a 9 volt battery, not included.  The ones for the doors come ready to turn on. Batteries included. 

Let me know if you have used these and how you like them. Or if you decide to try these, let me know how you like them.