Monday, May 26, 2014

Day 1 of 4 Memorial Weekend!

Don had a 4 day weekend so we decided to just stay home and get some stuff done that we had been wanting to do.

Friday was a great day to shop.

We went to find 2 more graceful bamboo for the middle that I had left open thinking I was 

going to put skyrocket trees there. Decided against them so needed two more matching bamboo. Its really pricey right now but I did find some. Got a dynamite deal on it.

This is what I got for $29.99 in November.

This is what she wanted for $49.00 dollars on Friday

I told her I was interested in the big pot over in the field.  She informed me those were not for the public. They were doomed to die.  She said they weren't for sale.

 I asked to talk to the owner. She called him, and he told her, yes, if I wanted it, he would take $100.00 for it. She said she couldn't believe he was going to give me that 55 gallon plant for $100.00. I checked it out and it did have a lot of dead bamboo in it, but it had so much life to it, and NEW growth, I knew it was a great deal.  I told them to load it up. 

Here it is all tied up and ready to go. 



So Happy with my find!!!

While at the nursery, we also brought some 

Praying Mantis pods

They come in these little pods.
There are supposed to be 200 to 400 little mantis in these.

I put them in a bowl and set them outside in the heat. 
Hopefully they will hatch in a couple of weeks.

I always have liked Praying Mantis

They eat lots of flies and bugs

We went to the Swingin Door for lunch
They have great food

Then off to Sams Club to get my pot for my bamboo

While there, we found these chaise lounges. 

They are a one time buy.
I loved them so we got two. They are really well made and should be 
around for a long long time. 

We went to Garden Ridge and got a new umbrella and cushions for outside. 

We had company coming over on Saturday evening so I needed to redo my chalkboard from this

to this

We also spent a lot of time in the pool and hot tub. Don loves the pool and I love the hot tub.

We had a great day.


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