Monday, May 12, 2014

How to make a DIY Magnetic Chalkboard!

I decided that I wanted a chalkboard in my kitchen after seeing how nice my daughters 

chalkboard, she did, came out.   diy-how-to-make-your-own-chalkboard
I decided I wanted one on this wall that actually curves which makes it a little more difficult to do but thankfully I have one of the world's best handymen to help me out. 

I decided instead of making just a chalkboard, I wanted a magnetic chalkboard. So I went to Home Depot and picked up these 2 pieces of galvanized steel, these 3 strips of wood that I liked for the frame, 4 corner pieces I thought would look good on it, a good primer  spray, and chalkboard paint. The paint you get at 
Home Depot can be either just the regular black or you can get the white chalkboard paint that they will color for you. I chose 
color because I was afraid the black would make the room look dark.

**(I did my homework on this and the magnetic paint does not seem to 
work very well, so I didn't want to do that. Also, when you get 
your steel sheets, take a magnet with you to make sure the magnet will stay in place. )

Don started figuring up how to cut the boards so they will curve on the wall.

He is so awesome when it comes to this stuff

I got busy and cleaned the steel with just plain vinegar. 

I dried it with towel paper. Try not to touch it with your hands after you clean it. 

I took the steel outside to spray it with the primer

It looks really good. I let it dry for about 30 minutes and sprayed it again. 

I sprayed it twice but took it inside the house after each spray so the wind didn't blow a bunch of stuff on it. 

This is the chalkboard paint I got at Home Depot

It was a toss up between the school house green and the Latte. I finally settled on the Latte. 

You can use a good paintbrush or a sponge brush, I prefer the roller with a 3/8' nap to it. It just rolls on so smooth and easy. 

I stirred my paint really well

I rolled it on. One roller full of paint did one whole sheet. 

I did two sheets of metal. 

I waited 4 hours and painted it again

Waited another 4 hours and painted it a 3rd time

You can get away with 2 coats if you wish to but I decided to go ahead and put 3 coats on it. 

Cover your paint pan and roller with plastic wrap and it will not dry out. Even if you wait over night. 

Don decide to practice with a piece of the wood to figure out the curve on the wall

He first cut it the length he needed it

He cut little cuts all across it

Checking to see if it will curve on the wall

He cut a groove in the edge for the metal to sit in

He then trimmed the groove

We wet this one to make it bend easier but found out this is not a necessary step. We did not do this on the frame itself

Then he made the frame 

I then painted the frame 

I then seasoned my metal chalkboard after it had dried well

Wiped the chalk off

Don built the frame

Put the metal in the frame


I wanted some pretty magnets for my board but couldn't find any so I got some stickers, jewels, clothes pins etc and glued little magnets
on them. WaLa!!! 

I found this cute little cup for chalk. But when I sprayed it, it remained sticky even days later. 

So I got this little metal 
pan and put magnets on it. Works great!

Love it but before I use chalk on it, I am going to condition it again, as I ended up painting it over due to the wind blowing the plastic on the edge.  I did repaint it before we put it in the frame. See "Learn From My Mistakes" at the bottom. 

I conditioned it by first taking the chalk up and down

Then went over that by going sideways with the chalk

Then I washed it all off
Looks great!

Learn From My Mistakes!

Try to put plastic down and paint your chalk board paint inside the house.
Otherwise, the plastic can mess up your board. Also, the wind can blow 
leaves and dust on it. 

I tried to fix the paint by adding more paint, but it didn't look right. So I took it in the house and repainted the entire metal with 2 more coats of paint

Once Don got the board ready, he decided to see how much he could bend it. Don't do this. It will break into. He ended up putting more grooves in it and it worked great. 

**** I wet either the board or the chalk when using it. It will look pale but when it dries it will be nice and bright. It also will not leave the ghost letters when you erase it. I did use sidewalk chalk and also chalk pens. 
It did leave Ghost writing

 and I tried everything from soap to windex and nothing would take it off. I then tried Scotch Brite mini erasers.

They took it right off and made it look new.
So happy to find this. Mr Clean magic erasers would also work.

But I have decided that I want to re-paint this black and see how I like it. I love the color it is, but the chalk and pens don't show up very well. 

Check back and see how it looks. 


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