Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Free Cruise to Cozumel, No, OK!

Late Wednesday evening Don's phone rang. It was a Miami phone number so he wasn't going to answer it as he didn't know the number. I told him I thought it was Carnival Cruise Lines so he answered it. They told us they were trying to fill the ship and we could take a free 4 day cruise to Cozumel on the Liberty ship,

but it would leave on Thursday. OK! That gave me one day to pack, get boys taken care of,  (Thank you Sally, Dennis and Kate) and a million other little things that had to be taken care of before we could leave. All we would have to pay was 50.00 each for port taxes. I knew it was Carnival but Don was still leary so I suggested he get him to send us an email proving he was with Carnival. He did, so we were in.

Next we got a phone call the next day, saying we would not be going to Cozumel, as the ship engines were running slow so we would be going to Progresso instead. Apparently they had let everyone else know that and a lot of people that were going to Cozumel decided not to go so they were trying to fill the ship. We met several other people that also received free trips.

But hey, still a free trip to Mexico!!!
Don heading to ship
and checking out our ocean view window.
Couldn't believe we got that with a free cruise. Was 
sure we would have interior with no port hole, much less a window.

We were next to the Disney ship. Beautiful ship. 
This was their escort out of the bay. Guns up!! Wow!! 
One in front  and one in back

Left side- Don and I heading to dinner, dinner menu, Don feeling no pain in the piano bar.
Right side- Our silver dining room was beautiful, two guys just having a really good time, 
the piano man was amazing on the piano and could sing anything. Lot of fun here!
One thing we did that was fun was take photos. We had so much fun doing this. 
We love the photos and the video. 
Nice job Jay!

(Click this link above to watch)

Another thing we did that was fun was attend the art gallery auction.
There was some beautiful artwork there.
We saw this one piece that we was interested in. It was an 
Audrey Hepburn picture.  Our daughter Laci is a 
HUGE Audrey Hepburn fan so was disappointed that it 
was not on the block for auction the first day. But it did 
go on the second day, so, Congratulations Laci!!  
You are now the proud owner of this artwork.  
Hope you love it!! 
We wanted to get it to thank her for all her hard 
work helping us with out Great Gatsby Party we just had. 
We also came home owning a Mark Maguire Taz photo for 
the man cave. 

In Cozumel
Don and I was in no hurry to get off the ship so 
we watched the crew go through their emergency test.
They actually dropped all the boats down, and took them out 
away from the boat. Pretty cool to know they all work. :)

Met these girls on the bus heading into Progresso. I told them to 
be really careful in Mexico by themselves so they decided 
to hang with us. We had lunch and drinks together, the man
serenaded us during our drinks. We headed to the beach 
for massages and the girls went to get some sun and play in 
the water.  Had to go back and get Mexican money for 
the massages and they were awesome. $25.00 an hour. 
Loved it!!

This lady is the funniest lady ever. Her name is 
Caroline Picard. She was one of the comedians on 
the ship. There was a man named Dan who was
really funny also but she was the best. If you
ever get a chance to hear her, check her out. 
This was our nightly waitresss, Anali from Peru,  in the Punchliner.
She remembered our names right off, and remembered
our sign and sail card number so we never had to show
it to her again. She was awesome. 

One of my favorite things to do on a cruise is hit 
the casino. Yep, I love it. I had so much fun on 
this machine. I just kept winning and winning and winning. 
Just love this fat frog!!!

It was a really fun trip. 
Thank you Carnival!!

This is so funny! Just as I am finishing this, Don just called and said our cruise guy just called and offered us another free cruise but this time it is for a 7 day trip!!! And it is for this coming weekend. Don wants to go but I think it is just to soon. I am sure they will make this offer again someday, I hope. :)


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