Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Great Gatsby Halloween Party!

 Don and I decided to throw a
" Great Gatsby Party "
so there was much to do

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Thank you Laci for helping with all of these. They look great!

Some of the  Decorations

I found these chairs and decided to paint them

I love how they came out

I  made this pearl light- it looked so pretty up

glittered the stairs

 glittered wine glasses

glittered wine bottles and champagne glass bottoms

  Don  putting up our feather lights

Lisa, Shawna and Laci decorating the dining room
Beautiful job girls!!

Laci decorated the entry way

Balloons going up

Amazing job girls!!! 

Everything was so pretty

Everyone had such a great time in the photo room
Thank you Shawna for the stick props :) so much fun!

Kate and Zoe checking out the photo room-Cute girls!

 Cigar bar-Love the smell of a good cigar!

Laci made the signs
Beautiful !!!

Casino is ready

Tammy and I decided to cut our hair the night before the party

Food and drinks ready

Everything's ready-Time to party!!


This is my beautiful sister Tammy.  It had been over 39 years since we had seen each other. She flew in from Colorado for our party.  So thrilled she came. Love you sis! Let's get together again real soon!!

The day of our party was also Tammy's birthday, so we took her to Lupe Tortilla's  for dinner, enjoyed drinks with her, and Laci and I made her this cake. Happy Birthday Tammy!!

Click link to  watch


We wanted our awesome cousin, Roy Dale to come but
 he couldn't make it. We missed you!!!! 
(Click link above)

Stephen and Austin - our awesome casino dealers

Kelly- our beautiful hostess


Everyone looked amazing!!

These girls had so much fun!!

Our beautiful cousins, Lisa and Linda. They flew in from Indiana for the party. So happy they made it!
Top Left-left to right- Lisa, Linda, Lenetta and Don
Linda, you looked so pretty!!

Vicki and Holly 

Love Lisa's bad-ass look!
(She's the "Charles Angel" of the 20's)

Don and I did a dance for our guest-
(Click on the  link above to view)

Click here to see

Click here to see

Meagan and Zac having so much fun!

So much fun!

Michael, Shayna, and Zac

     right-    Joe         top left- Vicki, Holly and Betsy        bottom right- Meagan and Zac                   

Shayna and Fred-too cute!

Top Left-Laci and Anita. 
Bottom left-Shelly and Mark
 Right side-Don and Joe.
Love Joe's jacket!

Shelly being her cute adorable self!

Top left- Betsy, Vicki, Holly, and Lamar
Bottom left- Michael and Diane
Top right- Shawna and Lenetta
middle right-Laci and Shelly
Bottom right- Tammy, Lenetta and Don

Top left-Lenetta and Cindy
bottom left-Left to right- Hamid, Don, Lenetta, Sara, Anita and Joe
Right side-Catherine and Terry
Sweet photo Terry!

Awesome party!

Top left- Don and I
Bottom left- Our beautiful daughter, Meagan
Right side- Our beautiful daughter, Laci
We love you girls!

left- Shayna  (Gorgeous)
top right- Laci
Bottom right Shawna and Laci (Super cute photos girls)
AND WON $75.00



You know it was a great party when shoes are left behind!
Cinderella, we have your slippers!

Don and I would like to thank each and every one of you that joined us for this evening of fun and friends. It was because of you that this was such a success!!! 

Don and I would like to send out a huge thank you to all who helped with this party


Thank you Sara for helping with the food, it was delicious!

Sally, Thank you for everything you do! You always go above and beyond!

Kate, thank you for letting Zoe hang with you, helping with the party, and for keeping my 3 boys while the party was going on. Love you!

Dennis for keeping my 3 boys overnight!

Zoe, thank you for helping with the party, and clean up. (much appreciated)

Meagan, thank you for helping clean the casino tables, helping with the balloons, and candles. We love you!

Zac, thank you so much for power spraying the patio and pool area- it was a HUGE help to Don. We love you!!

Thank you Linda, for helping with the baking. It was delicious! We love you!!

Tammy, thank you for all your help, especially tying all those balloons. We have never seen anyone that can tie balloons that fast. Unbelievable! Thank you sis, love you bunches!

Shawna and Lisa, wow!! You make one awesome team!!! You both did so much, we wouldn't even know where to start. Thank you both so much for everything you did. You two were amazing on all those balloons. I was so stressed, thinking there is no way all these balloons are going to get up there before the party. So impressed with your creative thoughts  becoming reality. The dining room was awesome, and the photo room looked great. We loved your idea of putting those feathers in the upper windows. Just brought it all together. Thanks girls, We love you both!!

We want to give an extra big thank you to Laci. You flew in from Florida ahead of time, and you didn't stop the entire time you were here. You brought everything, (I had it scattered all over the place),  together beautifully. From the food, making the alcoholic drinks,(delicious), the decorations, the cigar bar, the cheese bar, the signs, decorating Tammy's cake, everything you touched turned into a beautiful piece of art, and we couldn't have done it without you. Thank you so much for everything!!! Thanks for always having my back!! We love you so much!!!

Can't wait for our next party!!!

Love Don and Lenetta  

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