Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Welcome Home Cody Miller!!

We have had this sweet rescue puppy for a week while the lady that rescued him went on 


We have fallen head over heels, crazy in love with him and have now adopted him into our family.

We could not ask for a better dog. He uses the doggie dog, very quiet, gets along with Sammy, loves Don, and follows me around everywhere. He is just such a perfect little guy.

I looked up on Rachels facebook, the lady that rescued him), for  the day she rescued him. It was May 17th.  

We have decided that will be his birthday from now on. The vet thinks he is about 3 so next May 17th he will be 4 years old.

We have decided to give him a new name to go with his new life. His name will now be Cody Miller Parker.  We will call him Cody Miller until he answers to Cody then we will drop the Miller and just call him Cody.

We were so worried about how Sammy would deal with him, being a very spoiled only child for 7 years but he has done really well. A little jealousy but not bad at all.

So Sammy Boy Parker has a new brother.

Welcome Cody Miller Parker. We love you so much and we are looking forward to all the fun, wonderful years with you.

You can now rest assured that you will never feel pain from hands, feet, or objects unless it is an accident or you are sick and need care from a vet. You, sweet baby, are now completely safe and loved.

We were questioning whether we should keep him or not because we do go a lot. Guess who will soon be going into training. :)  He will go everywhere he is allowed when we go. When he can't go, rather than kennel him, think he probably has had enough of that in his short life, we will leave him at his home and have a person, hopefully the same person to come in and take care of him. I think he would be much happier if he were left in his own home while we are gone.

We have now adopted Cody Miller but the best part - CODY MILLER has adopted us.


We are so lucky you found us!  Love mom, dad and Sammy.


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