Sunday, December 30, 2012

Nice easy day!!

                                     Yesterday was and easy day. I did nothing. Stayed in my
                        PJ's all day. But today was also a nice easy day. Sat around and blogged.

Then Don, Sammy and I went to a High Caliber Gun Show. I got a laser with a light and a strobe for

my 9mm.
 I also got a pocket holster for my 380. I am looking for a 38 but really liked a couple of the 357 mags. May have to have one of those.

                                  Then we went to lunch at cafe adobe. Had fajitas and margaritas.

Then to the Zoo to see the lights. We met Meagan and Sabrina there. 

Meagan and Sabrina

It was really cold out so Sammy had his down jacket on. 

Waiting in line, trying to stay warm

The lights were pretty. 

It was there first year for the lights

Sammy was having a good time.

We came across this lion sleeping

I loved the zebra

We came across the giraffes inside

The pink panther

It was cold but it was fun. Just a nice easy day. 

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