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Body Beast-Week 12 -Final Results

WEEK 12!!!!


We are so happy and proud of each other for committing to it and sticking to it. We did get off track when we went on our two week vacation but we came home and finished it!!

When we started at Week 1, I weighed in at

132.5 and Don weighed in at 222.
Today I weighed in at 123.5. I have lost 9 pounds!!!! Don weighed in today at 211.
He has lost 11 pounds.

Don keeps telling me how great I look. I tell him he has Sagi to thank for that. It's an awesome program.

One of the best things about Body Beast is how much stronger I am. I had no strength in my upper arms at all. Now I do. When I first started I was using 3 and 5 pound weights. I am now using 7 and 9 lbs for my arms. 

everyday. Don and I both feel they made a huge difference in helping us drop the pounds. They are so healthy and very good. I couldn't drink them if I didn't like them. Our favorite way to make them is with banana , graham crackers and nuts in the chocolate.

In the strawberry, I like to add fresh strawberries, nuts and blueberries. I have also added banana, pineapple, and blackberries to the strawberry. It's all delicious. I also like fresh peaches in the strawberry. Thank you Shakeology.        

Another thing that really helps is to keep track of all the exercises and the weights we used each time. Then the next time it came up, we knew where to start and when to go heavier. 
If we felt we could have gone heavier, we wrote it down as we went so we would remember to go heavier or lighter the next time, whatever the case was. 

                      Loved marking the days off. 

Our measurements from beginning to the end-

WEEK 1 - LENETTA                                              WEEK 12 -   

Age- 60 years 

Weight - 132.5                                                           Weight - 123                                                        
Hips     - 41 in                                                            Hips - 36
Waist   - 30 in                                                            Waist - 26
L arm  - 11 in                                                              L Arm - 11 1/2 in
rt arm  - 11 in                                                             Rt Arm - 11 1/2
Chest - 36                                                                   Chest - 36
Rt thigh -22 1/2                                                          Rt thigh - 21 in
L thigh - 23                                                                L thigh - 20
BMI - 26.22  -                                                             BMI-24
I now fall in the normal range. I want to get to the ripped range. 

I lost 9.5 lbs in 12 weeks

WEEK 1 - DON                                                         WEEK -12 -     

AGE 56 years                                                          

Weight - 222                                                             Weight - 211 in
Waist  - 42 in                                                             Waist - 39 1/2 in
Hips   - 42 in                                                               Hips  - 40 in 
Chest  - 46 in                                                               Chest - 45 in
Rt arm - 15                                                                   Rt arm  - 15
L arm  -  14                                                                  Lt arm 15
Rt thigh - 22                                                                 Rt thigh - 23 in 
L thigh  -22.5                                                                L thigh  - 23 in 
Neck - 18 1/2                                                                Neck - 16 1/2
BMI - 31.9                                                                    BMI - 29.5

Don now falls in the normal range. Yeah!!!!

Don lost 11 pounds in 12 weeks 

The main reason I started this particular program was because of the weights.

 I have done a lot of different exercise programs but never used weights and always wanted too. I had been doing different arm exercises for awhile and just nothing seemed to help the "batwings". 

In December, I made the statement I would not be wearing any shorts this summer because it seemed like all of a sudden my legs turned to mush. I hated them. 

Then I decided I would do this 90 day program, and I made a commitment to stick with it. I told Don I was going to do it and he said he wanted to do it with me. I ask him to make a commitment also if he was going to do it and he did. I was so proud of him for sticking to it all the way through.

My arms and legs till aren't perfect but have come a long way in 90 days. I can't believe not only am I wearing shorts, I am wearing a bikini!!!!

I am planning on doing another round of Body Beast and see where I am at in another 90 days.

Week 1

Week 4

Week 8

Week 12

Week 12

 I can't wait to see what 12 more weeks will bring.

Here areDon's photos:

Week 1 

 Week 4

     Week 8

Week 12

Week 1

Week 12

Awesome job Don!!! You look great!

Don is also going to do another round of Body Beast with me. 

December 2014

Here we are the day after we finished our Round 1 of Body Beast in July 2015. 

This was taken the same day I finished Round 1 of Body Beast

Now for Round 2 of Body Beast !!!

Can't wait to see the results in 90n days!!














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