Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bacon Wrapped Beer Burgers!!

          Bacon Wrapped Beer Burgers

I have seen these posted all over Facebook, mostly by BBQ Pit Boys. I thought they looked so good, I just had to try to make them. 

They are a little more work than just rolling up some ground meat 

and patting them into a patty, but well worth it. Don loved them and I thought they were very good, just needed a little salt and pepper which I didn't add any. Both the boys loved them. They got to split one. 

You can stuff these with anything you want. I will definitely be making these again. I want to try a veggie stuffed burger and I think they would be great with mashed potatoes and hominy in them. Yum! The whole meal in a burger. Nice!

The only problem I had was BBQ Pit Boys said 300 degrees for an hour on indirect heat. Maybe because his grill was a small one and mine was much larger, Not sure why it took mine so much longer to cook but they were worth the wait. I will be turning my heat up to 375 next time and see how that works. 

Over all these were very tasty. Can't wait to make them again. Going to also make them smaller so they can actually fit on a bun if I need them to. I used 9 oz in each burger. May try 6 or 7 oz if the beer can will fit in them. 

Try them! You will love them!


I cut bacon up and fried it

While bacon was cooking I chopped mushrooms, 
onions and garlic up

After bacon was finished I poured most 
all of the grease out

I cooked mixture in bacon pan

Added a little olive oil to same pan

fried corn beef hash

Rolled gr chuck into 9 oz balls

Put beer can in center and press down to bottom.
Form burger around can

Wrap two slices of bacon around meat

Use a towel and in a twisting motion remove can


I filled them with cheese on the bottom

I used Colby Jack in two of them 
and pepper jack in the other 

Added bacon pieces

Mushroom, onion garlic mixture 
then added corn beef hash

then cheese again

A little sweet Hawaiian barbecue sauce

Got my grill to 300

Put burgers on indirect heat and cooked for an hour. 
They weren't anywhere near being ready so I turned 
the heat up to 350 and cooked for another hour.
****Next time I will cook them at 375 for 
an hour and see where they are at 

Took them out  and checked them. They were fine

Cut them open and oh my!They look delicious!

Served these with cole slaw and corn on the cob



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