Friday, July 17, 2015

2015 Family and Friends Cruise -Day 1

We arrived in Tampa on Sunday. So happy to be in Florida.  

We met up with several of our group on Sunday at the International Mall. From there we went outside to one of their little pub  restaurants.  It was Huvians birthday so we got her a cake from the Cheesecake Factory. She loved it. We enjoyed  the visit with everyone.

We stayed at


and got up the next morning to a big country breakfast she made for us.  She even made homemade country grits for Don. 
It was all delicious!!!! Thank you Huvian. We love you!

Next morning, time to get on the big boat, Carnival Paradise.

A few of the early birds. Loved seeing everyone!

Looking good Clint!!! 
Hey, what's wrong with your wrist?    
Hey, isn't that my hat????

Once on the boat, it was time to explore. 

 Eat lunch

Did some more exploring

  Dinner time where we all met up. 

A pirate came around and Laci was ready to take him out!

Then it was time for the casino. I think Clint loves the casino as much as I do. 

Had a wonderful first day. Loved seeing everyone having such a great time. Time to get some sleep and see what is in store for tomorrow.  

Going to be adding extra photos from the trip at the end of the page everyday. Here are a few of them for today.

So happy she made it

 I love my girls!

Maria, Ed and Jordan. Only thing missing is Dillon and Finn. Beautiful family.

Photos from my boat studio I made. :)

My beautiful niece and her wonderful fiancé, Al


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