Thursday, July 16, 2015

2015 Family and Friends Cruise -Day 2

Don and I got up and headed to the gym.

Don and I laid out with Maria, Ed, Kim, Al Laci and Brian. Nice relaxing day. 

  Ran into 

everyone at some point.

It was our formal dinner night. I was looking forward to seeing everyone and eating lobster. Yum!

Everyone looked amazing!!

Clint did a little dance for us all. 
Looking good Clint. 

(Click on link below to watch this smooth dancin man)

Then we all sang Happy Birthday to a very special young lady. We love you Jordie.

(Click the link below to watch)

We did our formal pictures 

Don photo bombed Shelly and Mark.
Gotta love that!

I found an empty room, moved a couple things around and made my own studio. 

Here's some photos from that shoot-


Beautiful sunset
Cruising off into the wild blue yonder

Then more fun in the casino!
My beautiful daughter and beautiful niece,
Kisha and Kim

Steven was another quick learner.

Later it was time for a show. We had a great time with everyone there. 
Ready to see a comedy show

More fun photos

My beautiful daughters, Kisha and Laci

Me with Kim and Kisha

  Very Pretty

Clint is such a fun person to be around.
He's always happy!

My beautiful cousins, Lisa and Linda

Love this picture of Shelly and Mark

This picture is just way to darn cute!
Love it!

Tomorrow - Cayman Island!
Can't Wait!!!

More photos from my "boat studio. :)

Beautiful couple


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