Tuesday, July 21, 2015

2015 Family and Friends Cruise -Day 4-Cozumel

Beautiful Cozumel

Playful dolphins

Time for the beach with friends and family

Beautiful Blue Lagoon

Fun at the beach with friends and family

I can't believe how many times I have looked for 4-leaf clovers and here they grow in the sand and are all over the beach. Go figure. I just wasn't looking in the right place. 

One of the best things we did was the massage on the beach. Don, 
Meagan, Laci, Anita and I got one. It was wonderful. 

Feelin  a little froggy, are we?

Thats a mighty big cigar there, Steven. Love the hat Adam.

On the left is the beautiful Minda family-
Steven, Anita, Joe and the ever funny Adam. 

Linda, Lisa and Tammy having fun in Cozumel

This ones for you Carl.  You are dearly missed!

Hey Roy Dale, I think she like slots. lol

They came by to say hi. They knew where to find me! 

That drink looks so refreshing, Adam

Fun Photos

Me and my beautiful girls

Linda, Lisa, Tammy and Roy


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