Sunday, July 19, 2015

2015 Family and Friends Cruise -Day 3-Cayman

We woke up, and was ready to get off the ship at Cayman Islands

We had to take little boats into shore as the ships can't get close enough to dock there.

Everyone was excited to be on our way to the 


Don immediately wanted to check out the cigars, Adams legs were so burnt from yesterday in the sun, and Margaritaville is right there.

Next stop was the Harley Davidson Store

Then we found a taxi

Our taxi driver ended up also being a tour guide and drove us right into Hell. Adam was enjoying some conversation with him.

From Hell we went to Seven Mile Beach. Not really to impressed with it. 

We also went to Coconut Joes on 
the beach and had lunch.

Laci found this coconut. Don took on the task of cracking it open for her on a large rock. Darn, It wasn't any good inside lol 

Zac and Don having a drink while waiting to get back on the boat. 

A few others got thirsty while waiting on the boat

Later that night

Hilarious comedy show

This guy was in the show and he is so funny. 
All I know is he had every man on the ship 
wanting to go to Toys-R-Us!!
 You just had to be there!!!!

Look who showed up in the casino. Linda and Shorty Dale. (Roy) Love those shorts and shoes. 
His first pair of shorts ever. And first shoes that weren't boots. 
Love you Shorty Dale. Lookin good!!!


Kisha, Scott, Marjorie and Keith stopped in the casino.

Fun photos

Laci & Brian - Beautiful  

         Kay and Zac                   Meagan and Clint

                    Steven                                   Adam
Oh Brother!

            Keith and Marjorie        Kisha and Scott



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