Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Body Beast-Getting Ready

Not sure if I can do Body Beast or not but I am sure 
going to try.  The place I will have my biggest  challenge  
will be the day we do legs. My knees are gonna

but I am going to try and get through it. We will see.
 I always thought it would be fun to work with weights
 so will give this my best shot. 

After all, it's only 90 days!  (right!)

Clink this link to find out why women should lift weights-

I needed some different dumbbells and found these
on Craigslist here in Sugar Land for only $40.00. Nice!!!
They go from 6 to 24 pounds. Perfect for us. 

I also felt we needed an incline bench so found 
this one with shipping included for $68.00 and 
it even comes with a 6 lb medicine ball on ebay.

 I do have a stability ball but felt Don 
would be better with an incline bench. 

First thing I did was read through everything 
and watched the entire basic cd to get an idea of 
what it would take to do this.

 It came with 4 cd's with two different 
programs. One if you want to really bulk up, 
and another if you want to get ripped, toned 
and lose weight.  I was planning on doing 
this program myself but Don has decided 
he is going to join me in it. Love that! We 
have decided to try the Ripped program.

** Do not have to have this for the program to 
work but just makes an easy meal for something
 quick or on the go. I ordered 30 day of
 Shakeology- seems expensive but at 4 dollars 
a meal, its not so bad. We are splitting it so 
ours will only be good for 15 days versus 30. 
Just want to see how it taste. I can't eat or 
drink something on a daily basis if I don't 
like the flavor. We are starting with the 
chocolate so we can do there recipes adding 
bananas etc to it.

Started taking these vitamins last week. Will continue that. 

Printing out worksheets

Looked over the daily workout schedule

Figured out how many calories a day we can have.
Seems like a lot but book says to expect that. Working 
with weights requires more calories taken in. 

Mine are 2000 and Don's are 2800 daily calories

Took our measurements and got our BMI Percentage

Took Before Pictures

 Made food  menu for 1st week

                                         Shopped for 1st weeks groceries

Prepped food for 1st day

Used my food scale

We put up the Chin Up Bar

Called to get my free coach

Excited to try this program. We will see how it goes. 

Wish me luck!!


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