Saturday, May 2, 2015

Body Beast! Week 3!!!

Week 3 of 12

So happy we are in the last week of Part 1-Build. There is 3 weeks in Part 1-Build. After this week, we start Part 2- 6 weeks of Bulk.   This last week is going to be a tough week. There are 3 different 

days of Abs workouts and on Day 7 its Total body and abs. Thats a tough one.  What makes the abs so hard is finishing a workout than having to put the abs workout in. But thankfully its only 10 minutes. I can do this!!!

We are enjoying having our Shakeology for breakfast. My coach fitnesstonya gave me a great idea for a shake. Graham crackers and banana. A chocolate banana cream pie Shake.  Couldn't wait to make it. Made it again the next day and also added some black walnuts. Doesn't get any better than this. We love it!!! Thanks coach!!!

We also tried adding strawberries and banana in with the chocolate and it was also delicious. Will be trying pineapple this week also. 

Day 1- Shoulders and Abs
This was a tough workout but only because I went up on my weights. And then had to do the abs workout afterwards. I was so tired but I got through it. I will probably stay at the same weights on the next shoulder workout as this was hard.  This workout has a couple really tough moves in it. The 1,1,2 Front Raise is tough and the Sagi Six-Way is just as tough. WHATEVER IT TAKES!!! I used 6, 7, and 8 lb weights.

Day 2- Rest
My favorite day. My shoulders need the rest because tomorrow is the upper body again with the Chest/Tris. 

Day 3- Chest/Tris
This wasn't so bad today. I was up early, had lots of energy and just did it. I even went up on my weights. I used 7, 9, and 12 lb weights. I will stay with these weights the next Chest/Tris day. 
Won't be going any heavier, at least for awhile. The hardest part of this workout for me is the push-ups. But I am getting better at them. 

Day 4- Legs
Sagi kicked my butt today. It was a really tough leg workout. He wore me out but, - I DID IT!!!! I even went up on my weights  from the last leg workout. I used 7, 9, and 12 lb weights. I will stay with this weight on the next leg workout also. Super Happy to have this workout behind me. 

Day 5- Back/Bis
My favorite workout day. This one i can get through pretty easy. It was harder today because I went up on my weights. I used 9, 12, and 15 lb weights today. I will be staying with these weights on the next back/bis workout. Still my favorite day. 

Day 6- Shoulders and Abs
Wow! This was a really tough workout for me today. I think Shoulders with abs is as tough as legs day for me. I did go up on my weights again today. I used 6, 7, and 9 lb weights today. I will be staying at this weight on the next shoulder workout. I really maxed my weight out today. Whew!! Happy this day is over. Now to get through tomorrow so we can get on to week 4. 

Day 7- Total Body and Abs
We got up at 6 am to get this workout finished because we were going on a day trip on the motorcycle with friends. I did not want to have to come home and workout after riding on a bike all day. Thrilled we did it early but it did wear me out. I did go up on my weights from the last Total Body Workout. I used 7, and 9 lb weights. But it was our last day of this week. Woo-Hoo!  

On to Week 4!!!! 
Pretty sure Week 4 thru Week 10 will be harder, the nice part is they are only 30 minutes. I really like that. 

Now starting Block 2 -6 weeks of Bulk
  I am so proud of Don for getting all his workouts in this week. He is doing so awesome with this program. I am so glad he likes it. Its nice to have someone thats working out as hard as I am right here with me. I try to get my workouts finished before he gets home so I can help adjust his weights and do his paperwork for him. As Sagi says,"Write it down, write it down, WRITE IT DOWN!" It works out well for us to do it like this. But on the days that we actually workout together, (the weekends), I enjoy that also. 

Only 9 Weeks to go!!!





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