Tuesday, May 12, 2015





This past year we have noticed Sammy slowing down a little. He is having more and more trouble getting up and down on 

the couch. He doesn't jump off of the bed at all anymore. I did get him some steps but he refuses to use them. Don is making him a ramp so he can get down without jumping. I think his hips must be bothering him a little more these days.

With each passing year, I worry more and more. Sometimes I look at him and tear up at just the thought of someday losing him. I just can't imagine my life without him ever. But I am believing he will be with me for many more years.

Sammy has always gone to Hooters for his birthday and this year wasn't any different. The girls adore him and he loves going there.

Sammy woke up to his favorite bacon in the world. Cracker Barrel. He loved it as I no longer give the boys bacon except for special special treats. They love it as much as I do but its just not healthy for me or them. So yes, we all had bacon yesterday. Yum!!!!

He was wondering why he had to share with Cody. lol

Took him to Petsmart to get him a new toy. 
Cody got 3 new balls. He only has about 50 lying 
around all over the place. but he loves them so much.

I have to keep Sammys squeak toys put up until
 Sammy is ready to play. Cody loves anything 
with a squeaker in it. Only problem is he is hellben
t on getting that squeaker out. lol
He is the toy squeaker destroyer!!!

Look at him, lying in wait. He is just waiting 
for Sammy to drop it. lol

I also got Sammy some Little Jacs. They were his 
favorite snack when he was little little. 

He went to Dairy Queen for his ice cream. 
Cody went with us also, to help celebrate Sammys birthday

Took the boys for a beautiful evening stroll around the lake.
Sammy walked a little, rode a lot. 

Cody ran a lot, rode a little 

All in all, it was a great day for a very special boy!

We love you so much Sammy Boy Parker. 
You are the best puppy anyone could ever hope for. 
You have brought so so much joy to our lives. I hope the
 next 8 years are as great as the first 8 years. 

Love mom dad and little brother. 



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