Tuesday, May 19, 2015




Cody Miller was rescued one year ago 
today by an angel named Rachel Davis.
We are so thankful she saw Cody that day 
and saved him. We are even more

thankful she felt we were the right type of
 family to have him in our home.
We are crazy for this little guy.

Cody and Don are best buds. He loves going 
anywhere with Don. He sits in Dons
chair with him and follows him everywhere. 
When we first got him, he was so
afraid of Don. It took time for him to trust him
 but now he totally does.

When we first got him, Don was so worried about him because 
his eyes were so sad and he showed no emotion at all. So sad.

Well now his eyes are just one great big sparkle. 
He is so so happy all the time.

He has the cutest habit ever. He has done this from day 1. Every time we leave and come back, he greets us with something in his mouth. It may be a toy, ball, a piece of our clothing, a piece of paper, a stick, he has to have something for us. He won't greet us until he gets something in his mouth and he is so excited to see us when we come back. I would love to know why he does this.

He also greets us the same way when we wake up. When he hears me stir, he jumps down, finds something and brings it and puts it in my face. lol He is absolutely precious. We can't imagine him not being in our lives.

His favorite thing is going bye bye. Doesn't matter where or how long, he just loves to go.

Cody going bye bye
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He did an awesome job of wriggling right into Sammy's heart and now they are best friends.
They wrestle, growl at each other and 

play together all the time. I love that Sammy has such a good friend. Cody goes with us more than Sammy. Sammy has got to where he would rather be home. When we get back with Cody, Sammy has to check on him first before he greets Don and I. Wow! Thats really showing how much Sammy loves Cody.

Cody loves, loves, loves balls. He would rather play ball than anything, which is so funny because when we first got him, he was afraid of them. We used Sammy to play ball with to teach Cody it was ok to play. Now he carries them everywhere. I think he has about 50 of them. lol They are outside all over the yard, in both the car and the suv, in the garage, upstairs, downstairs. Balls everywhere. As soon as Don gets home from work, Cody goes and gets a ball. Don plays ball with him every night when he gets home. Thats their thing to do. He always takes a toy or a ball with him when he goes bye bye also. Always. Sammy has 3 baskets of toys and Cody has really enjoyed them.  Squeaker toys drive him crazy. He will fight, and chew until he has that squeaker out. lol So cute.

For his birthday

 we went to Petco to get him some new balls.

He also picked out some pig ears.

Sammy got a new little squeak toy which has to be kept up until Sammy is ready to play so Cody doesn't destroy it. 

Then we went to Sonic and the boys had their favorite treat of all. 

We then went to a beautiful lake to walk around not far from our house. We decided to rename the lake. 
We will refer to it as Lake Cody from now on. 
We have to be careful as we spotted this gator in the water 

We were going to take the boys to Berry Hill for Cody's 1st birthday with us as it was where we first met Cody. But a bad storm came up and we didn't think sitting on the patio was a good idea. 

All in all I think Cody enjoyed his day as any day he gets to go bye bye he is one happy boy!

Happy Birthday sweet Cody Miller!!!

You are loved beyond measure. 

Love mom, dad, and Sammy

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