Saturday, June 13, 2015

Body Beast-Week 9!

WEEK 9 OF  12

Wow!!! Only 3 more weeks to the end of this program. So excited! Can't wait. 

Can't believe we are now going into

Block 3, Week 10 !!! 3 more weeks to the end!!

Now as we finish Week 9, we will retake our measurements and do another weigh in before we start into Block 3-Week 10. So excited! We are getting so close to the end. 

Whats next?

I am either going to do another round of Body Beast or I may try 21 Day Fix Extreme. Not sure yet which one. I am loving Body Beast so much so it may win out. But I definitely will be doing one or the other. 

I did order the challenge pack of Shakeology and 21 Day Fix Extreme. We really wanted to get the strawberry shakes and it was only $10.00 more to get the 21 Day Fix Extreme with it. What a deal. May still do another round of Body Beast first before I start the Fix. Will have to wait and see. Not sure I can make myself commit to 12 more weeks of leg day. :) But maybe, we will wait and see. 




Can't believe there are two, did you get that, TWO rest days this week. Wow!!!! Thats exciting but at the same time I have to ask why? Why now in the 9th week. And its the only week that has 2 rest days. 

Day 1- Rest

Day 2 -Chest

Got through this pretty well today. This is not a bad workout. i used 6, 7, 9, and 12 lb weights. 

Day 3 -Legs

This day was insane today for me. HARD HARD HARD!!! But I did it!!!!This day is so hard to get motivated to do. I just have to "JUST DO IT", I just find this day extremely hard and very tiring. While all of that is true, I also love the results I am getting from Leg Day. I used a whole range of weights. I used 7, 9, 12, 15, 18, and 21 lb weights today. 

Day 4 -Back 

This is still my favorite day for workouts. I just have no problem with it at all. I even went up on my weights. Not saying its easy, just easier than the others. It's crazy how on some workouts its all I can do to use 5's and 7's and other days I can do so much more. I used 18, 21, 24, and 27 lbs today. 

Day 5 -Arms/Abs

I got through this pretty well today, well until I realized I still had to do Abs.  That extra 10 minutes of Abs is what does me in. I used 7, 9, and 12 lb weights.

Day 6 -Shoulders

I love the results I am seeing from this workout. It is a great one. I used 5, 7,  9, and 12 lb weights

Day 7 -Rest

Don is still doing his workouts everyday and he loves Body Beast. It's great to have someone to workout with. We only workout on weekends together, as through the week I try and get my workout in early. Especially Leg Day as I will never do legs again at night. EVER!!   When we go back into  Body Beast for the second round, we may try to get up early and do it before Don goes to work. I think he would be much happier not having to think about it after he gets home from work. 

Wow! Ready for Block 3!!  Lets go Week 10!!










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