Thursday, June 11, 2015

1st Time DIY Dog Haircut!!

When the boys need a haircut or a sanitary cut I always have to take them to someone. I hate doing 

that to them. Sammy really gets super stressed out when I take him in. He had a bad experience about 6 years ago and he has never forgot it. Cody hates being away from us and he all but panics when we walk away. 


My solution to this is to figure out how to do it myself. I spent 2 days reading and watching everything I could on dog cuts. I researched and found what I think are the best clippers I could find. 

I  got these Andis Pro Clip AGC2 clippers. 

I also got this blade

Then I came home and watched some more clips before I started. 

I got everything ready. I love the really long cord on this. I think it is 14 ft 

This is Cody before I started
So much hair

I decided to start with their bellies in case I really messed up. 

i was really happy with it so continued on.
I did try to use the 5FC blade that would leave his hair a little longer.  But his hair was so thick I couldn't get it to work.I put the 10 blade back on and it worked like a charm. 

I was completely amazed at how still Cody sat for me. He was awesome. 

He is cut really short but I think he will love it in the heat. He also enjoys the pool which makes it really nice not to have to spent a lot of time combing him out afterwards. 


Here he is, all clipped 

I am very happy with his first cut. 

I couldn't believe how much hair this little guy had. 

Now I will let his hair grow out and I will keep it a little longer next time. 

And now for Sammy!

Here is Sammy before.

I was going to leave Sammy a little longer but 
the clippers wasn't going through his hair very well 
and it was going to take forever to cut him,  I decided to cut him the same as Cody. I will keep him a little 
longer once he starts going out again. I really like 
Cody's look but will probably keep him a little longer the next time also. 


I just thought Cody had a lot of hair. Wow!

Its so funny how they have such difference types of hair. Sammy is more fluffy and Cody is really smooth. 

I am quite pleased with how they came out.

Don is going to start clipping their nails so we won't have to take them to anyone else again. So happy about that. I know they are. They get so stressed out when we take them in even just for their nails. 

They look so different but I think they are cute. 


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