Tuesday, June 2, 2015



My computer was held hostage!! 

Have you heard of this scam???

I got on my computer the other day and I couldn't get anything to open up.  I had this little box pop up.  No matter what I tried to do, it would not go away. Don was working in the garage so I decided since it wouldn't go away and it did say Mac on it, I called the number. 

The  guy on the other end of the phone was speaking in very broken english. I told him about the box. He said he would need to go in and let me know what program I must have downloaded that had a virus. He said he would walk me through the procedure. He said he needed to take control of my computer. At that point I told him until I talked to Don I would not be letting him do that. Don is great on computers and has warmed me many times about this kind of stuff. He started trying to tell me why I needed to do it now and not wait. I hung up on him.  


I still did not have my computer and very frustrated, and Don was still busy. I decided to call back. Duh!!!! Second call was pretty much the same except now this guy would need a credit card number as there would be a charge for him to take control of my computer and fix it. WHAT!!!!! NO!!!
I quickly hung up and decided to wait and see what Don says he thinks I should do. 

When he came up, I showed it to him. I had already completely shut my computer down twice and it was still there when I turned it back on. I could not get on anything at all. 


Don was able to go in and  in about 15, 20 minutes he was able to get it fixed, like I said he is like a wizard on these things. THANK YOU DON!!!!!!! 

I found this link that tells you what you can do if you do get frozen out of your computer with one of these little boxes.


I hope this doesn't happen to any of you but if you find your computer is being held hostage, do not call them, do not give then credit card numbers, do not allow them to take control of your computer. 

While it is very frustrating, you must get it off without calling these people. 

Just wanted to warn others about this problem I just went through. 

Has anyone else had this happen to them? What did you do about it?


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