Monday, September 22, 2014

This Weeks To do List 9-21-14

Last week I did manage to get most everything finished. I only got in 3 miles instead of 6 and only 2 of hours of Tae-bo.  I was going to bathe the boys but they really didn't need it so I put that off. Other than that, I pretty much finished everything else. 

to do list 9-14-14

This week I plan on

 just straightening up the house since it got a good cleaning last week. 

Work on family and friends cruise

Do laundry

run errands and grocery shop

water plants

change chalkboard

  bathe the dogs 

meet Don at the gym 3 times this week

walk minimum 6 miles

Tae-bo 3 hours

Do at least 2 blogs

Keep track of everything I eat, (This one should be fun, not!)

Straighten up my closet

Clean out cabinets under dry bar in kitchen

Exercise dogs at least 3 times

plus all the other little things I do all week, cook, phone, mail, etc etc etc lol

But it all starts with coffee!!!! 


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