Monday, September 15, 2014

This Week's To Do List 9-14-14

I did manage to get most everything on my last list finished.

 The only thing I didn't get finished was 2 of my 6 miles. My knee got to hurting pretty bad and was swollen so I didn't dare finish the final 2 miles. I did go get some knee packs to use on it.

But happy that I was able to do everything else.

This week we have company coming from out of state for the weekend so whatever I do, has to be finished by them.

We are going to be busy playing all weekend.

As far as exercise goes this week, I hope to get 6 miles in, but will have to see how my knee holds up.

I also plan to get 3-1 hour sessions of Tae-bo in.

dust the entire downstairs

 clean the pantry out

 vacuum the downstairs

steam mop the downstairs

 do laundry

clean 4 bathrooms

change the chalkboard

go to the grocery store

Sammy and Cody are getting a bath

straighten up the patio area

Water plants if it doesn't rain

Go to the post office

Get nails and pedicure

Have Meagan and Jackson over for dinner

Whew!  Busy busy week. I am better get going!

Wish me luck!!!


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