Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lots Going On!!

Catching up with the new house

I did get my bamboo planted. 

I found a big tree stump or root under the ground where one tree needs to go. 

The tree guy said he couldn't put his machine in that space because of all the cables and pipes in there. 

What to do!! 

Don to the rescue!

He got his trusty little saw out and in 30 minutes I had my last tree planted.

Thank you baby! 

 I knew he would figure out how to get the tree out of there. 

We also now have the new roof going on.

Will be happy when it is finished.

One thing that is finished is Christmas shopping. Very happy about that. 

We also leave for Florida at the end of this week. Can't wait. 

Going to a James Bond NYE party. 

Need to find a dress for that and Don a tux or suit. 

Any dress that is low cut and high slit works great with this theme. 

I hope everyone has a beautiful Christmas. 

And remembers the "Reason for the Season"

I will be back soon.

xoxo Lenetta
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