Tuesday, October 13, 2015

New Wood Floors!

We have been wanting to get rid of the carpet upstairs and put in wood floors. We are now doing that this week. I am so excited to finally be getting them.

Don was going to do the steps himself because they wanted as much to do them as they wanted to do

the rest of it. Don tore out the carpet, and removed all of the staples etc.

He was at work telling someone he works with what he was getting ready to do and his coworker told him he had a good friend that owned a store for floors. He gave Don his name and number. We went out and, wow, he had some really great wood. And great selection..

The name of his store is EZ Floors.

click here for ezfloorsonline

We decided we should paint the trim and freshen it up before the steps were put down. I got busy and

washed it all down with soap and water and then went over it with vinegar.

I then taped off the stairs to get them ready to paint. I have a friend that says no one tapes off anymore but I feel better doing it.

When we had professional painters come and paint the gallery last year they taped everything off. I guess its a preference.

Don did a little putty work first. 

He then got busy and painted the area beside the steps. It looks so nice.

Easy Floors brought the wood over on Monday to let it sit in the house

 until it was ready to be put in on Friday.

It's Friday morning and we have wood floors going in.

First they tore all the carpet out and prepped the floors

Next they nailed down 1/2 inch plywood

Then they glued the floor and started
 putting the wood down. I was impressed with the glue job. :)

Next they did the steps. 

Love how they are looking.


Here are before and after photos. 

Beautiful wood.   I love hickory so thats what I wanted to have put in. Well it turns out Don love Acacia. We decided to do both so we have Acacia wood with the hickory color. It look awesome. 

We love, love, love them!!!!!!

Thank you EZ Floors! 

We couldn't be happier with you and your crew. Very professional, always on time and did the clean up exceptionally well. Excellent job by all. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

**If you are looking for wood floors in the Houston area, we highly recommend this company. 


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