Saturday, October 17, 2015

New DIY Project! Bed in Wall!



We are now going to make one of the spare bedrooms upstairs into our exercise room. 

We don't want to use our weights over the wood floors,

Now that we have 

new wood floors in the man cave. 
Just never know when you might drop one.

So instead of getting rid of the king size bed, I suggested putting the bed in the wall. Don agreed and we are going to do this project together. 

We took everything out of half of the room and I cleaned and shampooed the carpet.

Now for the other side, then we will be ready to built the wall. 

Don is figuring out the dimensions, hardware and lumber, (He is so great at figuring the dimensions out.)

then we will be off one of our favorite stores, Home Depot!!! I love this place as much as Don does. :) 

I will help him measure and cut the wood. Don has a huge variety of tools and I love that he teaches me how to use them. I love working with the power saws. 

I will also sand and paint it. 

Hopefully it won't take us to long. Excited to get this finished. 

I love DIY Projects!!

Check back later for the results!! 

Wish us luck!!


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