Thursday, August 14, 2014

Best Garage Sale Ever!!!

We were celebrating Don and Jacey's birthday yesterday.

 I needed to run to Heb to pick up a couple last minutes things. On the way there, I saw a garage sale sign.

 I drove right on by it, as I just very seldom ever stop at one, and I was in a hurry. Plus, I just figure the really good stuff is gone by 10 am. But something just said to go back. So I 

did a flip around in the middle of the road.

Followed the signs until they disappeared. Cars were driving
back and forth looking but I just happened to turn the right directions and found them. As soon as I got out of the car, I informed them there signs were down and people couldn't find them. 

I started looking and was amazed at the prices and how nice everything was. I just started with, "I'll take this, this, this, and that. And just kept going.

I immediately called Don and told him to hurry to this house. I also called my friend Anita but she was busy somewhere else and couldn't come. 

We ended up with so much stuff. 

Queen size bed comforter set

She had $5.00 on the lamps-WHAT!! WOW!!

Box of pretty glasses

Box of wine glasses

8 of these

Love love love this-

and this table



Love this wall piece

Beautiful filing cabinet

Love this

           Had to have this thrown in at the end.

Nice rug for living room

Love this chair-pictures do not do this living room set justice

It is an olive green

very pretty

leather ottoman 

Love this huge clock

 But my favorite thing we got was 

His and Hers 

beautiful massage chairs. OMG!!! Can't believe we lucked into these. I have wanted a massage chair forever. These are amazing!! They not only massage your back and legs but also your arms, hands, shoulders and your feet!!!

They also have heat in them, along with lights and a place to plug in your iPhone for your music. Thrilled with this purchase. 

These chairs are amazing. We got in them last night, put on soft music, turned lights out and OMG! we were never so relaxed. Don is in bed no later than 10 pm almost every night. He didn't get up out of that chair until almost 1 am to actually go to bed. LOL

Best garage sale ever!!!!

The really strange thing about this, was the house where it was at. It was the house I wanted to buy when we were house hunting. It was between this one we have now and that one. Don didn't like that the garage was on the front of the house facing the street. But I loved her house. 

I said, since I couldn't have her house, I would just buy everything inside it. lol I just about did!

She also was the lady that did our paperwork on our house. Small world. 

We live in an area where no signs are allowed, no garage sales or yard sales advertised. There is a community yard sale twice a year here. So she wasn't even supposed to be having a sale. I am so thankful I stopped. 

I guess I will be checking out the sales in our area when they come up again. 

What is the best thing you ever got at a garage sale? 

I would love to hear what you have found out there.


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